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A frequency was licensed to Rivers State University by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to commence campus broadcasting. People were then given opportunities to initiate programs. GreenPRAY came up with a program called Keep It or Break It which can be abbreviated to as KIBI.

The KIBI program with GreenPRAY whose root could be traced to Radio UST 103.7FM (now Excel FM) was initiated to raise hope for rookies, new acts or upcoming artistes. It is majorly sponsored by GreenPRAY himself. It’s a program that first took place 2pm on Tuesdays but later changed to 12noon every Saturday and finally rested at 12noon on Fridays. All of these changes were effected due to some professional reasons.

The KIBI program as at then encourages songs from young acts and also exposes them to angel investors. So, popular music then could not be aired on this platform as it will deviate from the original purpose by which the KIBI program was designed.

On the KIBI program, songs from new acts are aired, one against another, and listeners call/text to decide which of the played songs should be kept on the KIBI Playlist or broken on the show. The winner is then invited to the studio to get acquainted with our listeners. On the KIBI program, our listeners are judges. They decide which song to keep or break. So, we respect their decisions.

The KIBI Playlist is a folder created in the studio to encourage consistent air-play for the winners of the KIBI program.  It’s a music gallery that contains winning songs. Songs there can be aired at anytime by anyone.

The KIBI program commenced officially June 9, 2015 and since then has secured famous recognition within and outside RSU campus. Other entertainment outfits such as modelling agencies, poets, producers, marketers, bloggers/promoters, comedians/MCs, presenters, publishers, dancers, managers, indie labels, Artistes & Repertoires (A&R) also use the KIBI program as a platform to gain recognition.



1.   Free Air-plays: Your songs will be aired three to four times before the end of the KIBI show depending on the number of calls or text messages received.

2.  Recap: We air our winning song for last week before commencing a new countdown. We also take a recap of all our winning songs in the previous month every first Friday of a new month. In other words, we air the songs of our previous winners for free every new month.

3.  Fans Participation: We create a platform for your fans to decide if your song should be kept on the KIBI Playlist or broken on the show. We respect the judgment of our listeners thereby allowing them to participate hugely on the program.

4.   Free Audio: We allow you to secure a copy of the recorded version of the program your songs are featured on.

5. Exclusive Interview: If you win the KIBI show, an exclusive interview will be conducted in the next program on your behalf. This will allow you get acquainted with our listeners and your fans. Alongside the interview, your song will still be aired before the commencement of the day’s countdown.

6.  Free Copy of the Interview: A free copy of the interview will be given to you to add to your artiste profile.

7.   Mix-tapes: Your songs will be on the KIBI Mix-tapes which formerly will be released twice a year (that is, every six months). This street mix will be performed by the best Disc Jockey (DJ) of the moment.

8.   Online Recognition: Your name, photos and details will be uploaded on our website, You will also be added to any of the KIBI social group.

9.  KIBI Family: You will also have an opportunity to be part of the KIBI family. As a family, you will have the right to enjoy equal benefits with other stakeholders. You can also contribute to our decision making via any of our suggestion methodologies.

10.       Free Shows: Our winners will be given the opportunity to perform in any of the KIBI shows and preferential treatment will be given to them respectfully.

11.    Previous Winners (Optional): You can also be given a chance to meet with any of the KIBI artiste of your choice.

12.  Massive Promo: Notable promoters/marketers in Alaba and other parts of the country will be contacted to engage in a massive promotion. But that hugely depends on the financial capacity of the artiste and how far they are willing to fly.


The KIBI family has an open mind for business and is therefore endeared to giving young talented individuals our very best. This is only possible because our priority rest on the shoulders of talented entertainers. Entertainers to us are not limited to artistes alone as long as you are somehow connected to the entertainment world. Be it models, poets, producers, promoters/bloggers, publishers, dancers, marketers, managers, presenters, comedians/MCs or others are free to partner with us.

We do not necessarily buy the idea of placing specialty on musicians alone. Everyone is treated equally on our own world of entertainment.

Other entertainers such as the ones outlined above can avail themselves the opportunity to engage on our platforms.


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