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This is where we give award to honour the most outstanding sponsor, partner, supporter, performer, personality and others who have contributed positively to the society based on their popularity or sacrifices.This award ceremony takes place ones in every two years. It exposes angel investors and recognizes their contributions to KIBI Hunt and society at large.

The KIBI Family uses KHA as a way of showing immense appreciation to angel investors or contributors, and hope they don’t forget it in a hurry.

The 2016 edition of KHA will cover the following categories:
  1. Outstanding Man of the Year
  2. Best Supporter of the Year
  3. First SUG e-President
  4. Best Female Vocalist of the Year
  5. Best Publicist of the Year
  6. Next Rated Act, 2016
  7. Best Vocalist of the Year
  8. Unique Performer of the Year
  9. Most Popular New Act of the Year
  10. Music Ambassador of the Year
  11. Most Influential Personality of the Year

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