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The whole idea of KIBI is to hunt for talented individuals and expose them to Angel Investors. Besides, these individuals are made relevant in their level in such a way that they can rapport with top celebrities.

There are multiple platforms designed to make this exercise a possibility but the following are major:
  1. KIBI Show
  2. KIBI Hunt
  3. Face of KIBI
  4. KIBI Pageantry
  5. KIBI Honouring Award (KHA)

The KIBI Show is one of those platforms designed to encourage the playing of songs from young acts. on this programme, songs from new acts are aired (one against another) and listeners call/text to decide which of those songs should be kept on the KIBI playlist or broken on the show. The winner is then invited to the studio to get acquainted with our listeners. Here, our listeners are the judges. So, their decisions are highly respected. Click HERE to see benefits of this programme.

KIBI Hunt is an entertainment event designed to expose Rookies or New Acts to stardom. By doing so, a large number of youths will discover individual talents which will hastily curtail radical crimes in the society. This event sets the stage for young talented individuals (including the physically challenged) and then expose them to stardom. KIBI Hunt comprises music, dancing, motivational talks, comedy, poems and presentations. More...


Face of KIBI is an online beauty contest that showcases models, fashionisters, makeup artists and others to the most desired status in the society. The facial beauty contest will expose the finest girl/guy with swag into the most demanding status conferral. Winners here, are determined by the number of LIKES unlike KIBI Pageantry which is determined by judges. The Winner becomes the Face of KIBI (Male/Female). Click FOK to continue.


This is a Pageantry involving beautiful girls/guys around various campuses and its environs. they will be showered with responsible opportunities to showcase their beauties. The winner of the pageantry automatically becomes the KIBI Queen/King; and also Ambassador of KIBI Entertainment coupled with other benefits. And one of the benefits is exposing such a person to an acceptable status in the society, specially refers to as Status Conferral. Click HERE for more details.


This is where awards are given to honour the most outstanding performer, personality or anyone who has contributed positively to the society based on their popularity or sacrifices. This award ceremony takes place once in two years. The KIBI Family uses KHA as a way of showing immense appreciation to angel investors or contributors, and do hope they don't forget it in a hurry. Click LINK for more.


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