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14 Nov 2018


KIBI Entertainment has repackaged the 2018 edition of KIBI Honouring Award (KHA) into a nationwide award tour.

This was made known by Green Prayer Iyeuwa (GreenPRAY), on behalf of the KIBI Family, during a press briefing with newsmen in Abuja.

According to Mr. Iyeuwa, instead of an award ceremony as usual where all awardees will rendezvous, the KIBI family has decided to do something unusual by pioneering method that will encourage awardees to choose the venue themselves and KIBI will honour them at the place of their chosen, leaving all expenses to KIBI.

This idea came up during KIBI stakeholder's meeting at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja on 21st October, 2018 where various members of the KIBI family based abroad were in attendance. Most especially, members from Canada, Texas, France and Ukraine.

The idea came up as a result of Nigeria's economic downturn which has left millions of Nigerians to experience untold hardship. Hereby, making a citizen of the country to live below one dollar ($1) a day, according to Theresa May (British Prime Minister).

KHA will not only put smiles on the faces of those that merited it, it will also serve as a tool in spurring the minds of those that will alleviate poverty in Nigeria, if not alleviating it itself.

This is KIBI remaking history. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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