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15 Oct 2018

KHA - 2018

KHA is an acronym for "KIBI Honouring Award." It's an award ceremony organised by KIBI Entertainment to honour outstanding personalities, groups or organisations for their contributions to KIBI or the society at large.

This event occur once in two years but the 2018 edition will be a nationwide door-to-door award tour instead of an award ceremony as usual. This concept will give awardees full liberty to choose venue for the award and KIBI Family will present the award at their place of chosen, leaving all expenditures to KIBI.

The 2018 edition of KHA will not exceed one week as awardees will be duly informed to pick a date, time and venue within the month of December same year for the award presentation.

We apologise for any inconveniences this new development may bring. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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