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6 Nov 2017


When the KIBI Show on 103.7FM, Port Harcourt became widely acceptable and famous; HAPPINESS ABRAHAM (GreenPRAY’s co-anchor as at then) suggested we organize an event. Her reasons were not too farfetched from the outlines below:
  1. Having a radio show is not enough since it will be difficult for our audience to have a visual of winners of the show. So, she suggested we put out an event that will compulsorily allow winners of the KIBI Show to perform. 
  2. She also observed that men participate on the radio show far more than women, making the programme to have a question mark on gender equality. She then suggested a pageantry to be organized as a form of a hunt-for-beauty that will encourage huge participation from the feminine gender.
The debut edition of its kind was held in December 11, 2015 at Amphitheatre in Rivers State University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt. KIBI Hunt sets the stage for young talented individuals (including the physically challenged) and then expose them to stardom.

KIBI Hunt is categorized into the following stages:
  1. KIBI Pageantry 
  2. Music/Dancing 
  3. Motivational Talks 
  4. Comedy/Poems/Presentations 
  5. KIBI Honouring Award (KHA)


Having gone through thorough research, 76% of youths engage in violence, distraction of public peace, armed robbery, indecency, conflict and other negative traits because people underrate their God-given talents: The government, institutions, religious homes, parents/guidance, families and even trusted friends fail to listen to or invest in our special abilities. Instead, they prefer us to be like others; trying to be like others, a lot of persons ended up diverting from their own lives, hereby, living in a world of severe regrets. KIBI Hunt became that event that won’t neglect any form of talent coming from either physically challenged, less privileged or downtrodden.

KIBI Entertainment with the help of others is ever ready to set the stage anytime, anywhere to hunt for anyone with a special ability/talent. KIBI Hunt is that event that channels all your efforts to the right track, making you celebrities in your own field rather than structuring you to be like someone else. We help you face and understand reality. Instead of singing London Bridge is fallen down, we prefer building a fallen bridge in your city. So that there will be no need going to London to see a fallen bridge when there is one at your doorstep. This is facing reality. This is what KIBI does: making your talent our interest.


  1. Reducing social vices by developing young talents.
  2. Exposing young talented individuals (including physically challenged) to stardom.
  3. Bringing the world of entertainment to the doorsteps of the less privileged
  4. Making you to believe in reality.


  • We are making history and we want our believers to be part of it. 
  • Supporting KIBI Hunt will bring you closer to students. 
  • Supporting this event will also encourage students to think deep and discover their God-given talents and utilizing it as well. 
  • The intervention of supporters/sponsors will encourage entrepreneurship among students since KIBI Hunt is an event pioneered by a student. 
  • Their supports will show statesmanship.
  • Their supports will also show that they contribute to societal sanity, thereby encouraging KIBI’s aim of reducing social vices.


  1. It will be on record that our supporters and their brands (if any) support growing ideas.
  2. Proper orientation about your support will be given to our staffers, KIBI Family, partners, associates and other individuals/groups​ networking with us. This will enable them display irresistible patronage to your product.
  3. Any individual/group that encounters KIBI will consider our supporter's interest first.
  4. Supporter’s organizational name/logo will be displayed during our awareness campaigns.
  5. Any of our entertainers can be accessed when our supporters organize their own event.
  6. An avenue will be created for supporters to address our audience about their goods and services. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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