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26 Oct 2017


KIBI Entertainment was registered under the auspice of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria on the 2nd Day of November, 2017 but has been in existence since June, 2015. It was registered to undertake entertainment activities such as artiste promotion, event/brand management, talent/personality management, studio works and general publicity.

KIBI is an acronym for Keep It or Break It. The idea of KIBI was designed by GREEN PRAYER IYEUWA on 9th June, 2015. The major aim of KIBI Entertainment, according to KIBI Boss, is to hunt for young talented individuals and then expose them to angel investors. This hunt was targeted to cover various campuses in the Niger Delta region but started in Rivers State University, December 11, 2015. That day was one to reckon with as the first KIBI Queen was crowned. KWASI HOPE became the first talented beauty that was hunted by KIBI entertainment through an event called KIBI HUNT.

The concept of KIBI all started when the Keep It or Break It (KIBI) programme on 103.7FM (formerly Radio UST but now Excel FM) was initiated in the city of Port Harcourt.

A frequency was licensed to Rivers State University by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to commence campus broadcasting. People were then given opportunities to initiate programmes. KIBI Boss, Green Prayer Iyeuwa came up with a programme called Keep It or Break It which can be abbreviated as KIBI. The KIBI programme encourages songs from young talented students. So, popular music as at then could not be aired on this platform because it will deviate from the original purpose of its creation.

On the KIBI show, songs from new acts are aired, one against another, and listeners call/text to decide which of those songs should be kept on the KIBI Playlist or broken on the show. The winner is then invited to the studio to get acquainted with their audience. On this programme, listeners are the judges. So, their decisions are respected.

KIBI Show was one of the founding programmes on 103.7FM that was outstanding and has thus far recorded unforgettable achievements. The successive records broken by this radio programme negotiated the existence of KIBI Entertainment.

In September 2016, KIBI boss created Stakeholders that will oversee the affairs of the 2016 edition of KIBI Hunt event. With the help of these stakeholders, supporters and other media partners, the second edition of KIBI hunt became a blast in December 9, 2015. This event comprises the hunt for beauties, talents and personalities were also awarded. In the pageantry section, PERPETUAL CHINEMEREM OKPARAEKE emerged KIBI Queen 2016.

When the hunt became acceptable, activities were jam-packed. So, resolutions came among KIBI stakeholders to split these activities. That was how Face of KIBI and KIBI Honouring Award (KHA) was separated from KIBI Hunt in January 19, 2017.

KIBI is the only brand in the country that covers all entertainment services including event/brand management; talent/personality management; and taking charge of massive publicity on radio, television, internet, billboards, newspapers/magazines, fliers/posters and street/club mix. It also covers giving awards to outstanding personalities and enabling young entertainers to rapport with top celebrities. There are multiple platforms designed to make this a possibility but the majors are: 
  1. KIBI Programme: Is a radio programme where only songs from upcoming artistes are aired. 
  2. KIBI Hunt: Is a hunt that exposes young talents to stardom. 
  3. Face of KIBI/KIBI Pageantry: Are special ways of hunting for talented beauties. 
  4. KIBI Honouring Award (KHA): The KIBI Family uses KHA as a way of honouring the most outstanding performer or personality. 
  5. KIBI Publicity: Here, our media partners collaborate with us to publicize young entertainers. Together, we expose young talented individuals to stardom


  1. KIBI has affected the lives of 98% of entertainers, entrepreneurs and creative minds across various campuses in the Niger Delta region.
  2. KIBI has nurtured the existence of several outfits in the region by inspiring, motivating and sponsoring young entrepreneurs. This gave birth to outfits such as Phynnahz Collection, Lamborghini Records, Klymax Entertainment, Merry Kurta, Ruby Exclusive, Perfect Signature, Seawave Air-conditioning Services, Quick Mindz Initiative, Ennie Wigs, and a host of others.
  3. KIBI is the first entertainment body to introduce KIBI Crest as gate pass instead of tickets.
  4. KIBI is the first entertainment body to introduce an award ceremony called KIBI Honouring Award (KHA) without sponsor.
  5. With KIBI support, KIBI Queen, PERPETUAL OKPARAEKE emerges Face of RSU  in 2016/2017 academy session of Mr/Miss RSU contest without being restricted by KIBI Crown.
  6. KIBI has succeeded in hosting KIBI Hunt twice in RSU without external sponsors and it was very massive.
  7. KIBI is the first, outside the Student Union Government (SUG), to make entertainment a welcoming idea in Rivers State University (RSU) which was once seen as an institution of stress and tension.
  8. KIBI is considered to be the number one entertainment body in Rivers State.
  9. KIBI Entertainment was the first entertainment body on campus to be given Entrepreneurship Award in Africa. 
  10. Entertainment in Rivers State University, apart from SUG Week, can be traced to KIBI.

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