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13 Jul 2017


KIBI Entertainment can be contacted for massive promotion/publicity with geographical coverage ranging from national, interstate to state. We also expand our services to talent/personality management, event/brand management and general entertainment services.

In order to serve you better, we have created some categories for our promotional packages depending on how far you are willing to fly.

They are stated as thus:

  1. Gold promo 
  2. Silver promo 
  3. Bronze promo


This is the highest kind of publicity KIBI Entertainment can render and it is not a tea party because it involves lots of money. The gold promotional package is a massive kind of publicity done practically on radio, television, internet, billboards, banners, posters, stickers, newspapers/magazines, tours/shows, DJs’ mix-tapes, street/club promo, interviews and every other promotional avenue. Here, other professionals/experts might be contacted or hired for a comprehensive delivery. This type of promotion involves human/content publicity.


This is a semi-massive promotional package where publicity is considered optional. This means our clients reserve the right to make selection from our promotional items. For instance, they can decide to be promoted either on radio, television or internet only. They can also combine items. It is not compelling to cover all the items. That is, omission can be pardoned in this form of publicity.


This is the least form of our promotion package. Here, promotional price is very slim, slashed down to an affordable rate. The bronze promo is basically designed for rookies or new acts (the people you refer to as upcoming artistes). It can still cover human/content publicity.


All the promotional packages listed above can cover both human and content publicity. By human publicity, we mean pictures, single/album artwork, biography, artiste names and other likeness. By content publicity, we mean sound/audio, video, phone record, studio record and lyrics that artiste will be willing to advertise, promote or market.

It is important to note that copies of the promotional package for newspapers/magazines, mix-tapes, posters, stickers or handbills will be given to you to verify. This will help you monitor the whole publicity process.


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