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16 Aug 2016


This is an entertainment event designed to expose Rookies or New Acts to stardom. By doing so, a large number of youths will discover individual talents which will hastily curtail radical crimes in the society. It is a largely acceptable event that has encountered several entertainers on campus and beyond.

The debut edition of its kind was held in December 11, 2015 at Amphitheatre in Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) now Rivers State University (RSU), Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt.

KIBI Hunt sets the stage for young talented individuals (including the physically challenged) and then expose them to stardom.

KIBI Entertainment with the help of others is ready to organize the 2016 edition of KIBI Hunt but will loath to go on without our sponsors/supporters.

Rookies in this year’s edition will perform alongside top celebrities.

The 2016 edition of KIBI Hunt will be categorized into the following stages:

  1. KIBI Pageantry
  2. Music/Dancing
  3. Motivational Talks 
  4. Comedy/Poems/Presentations 
  5. KIBI Honouring Awards (KHA)

KIBI Pageantry: This is a pageantry involving beautiful girls around campuses and beyond. They will be showered with responsible opportunities to showcase their beauties. The winner of the pageantry automatically becomes KIBI Queen, and also an Ambassador of KIBI Entertainment coupled with other benefits. And one of the benefits is exposing such a person to an acceptable status in the society, specially refers to as Status Conferral...More

Music/Dancing: Performing acts here will be discovered talents on campuses across the country. Musicians will strongly be exposed from winners of the renowned entertainment program Keep It or Break It (KIBI) on 103.7FM in the city of Port Harcourt. DJs of the event will also be finest from various campuses and their environs.

Click HERE to see winners of the KIBI Show right from inception.

Motivational Talks: This will come from professionals, technocrats or experienced  personalities in various fields.

Comedy/Poems/Presentations: This section will contain dialectic presentations, rhymes and any other presentation that is not comedy or poem. This section will also be performed by motivational speakers on campuses, poets and also On-Air Personalities (OAPs) from the school radio station (if any).

KIBI Honouring Awards (KHA): This award will be presented to those who in one way or the other, have negotiated their supports or contributions into bringing this event to reality. We will also present awards in recognition of individuals who have also in one way or another laid numerous assistant to students as far as we can remember. Click to see Award Category

The categories outlined above are fundamental. Other side attractions not mentioned here will also interest you and our audience.

The categories outlined above are fundamental. Other side attractions not mentioned here will still wow you and our audience.


Having embarked on thorough research, it is evident that 76% of youths engage in violence, distraction of public peace, armed robbery, indecency, conflict and other negative traits because people underrate their God-given talents. The government, our institutions, religious homes, parents and guidance fail to listen to or invest in our special abilities. Instead, they prefer us to study and be like others. Trying to be like others, a lot of persons have ended up diverting their dreams and then ended up living in a world of permanent regret.

KIBI Hunt is that event that won’t neglect any form of talent coming from either physically challenged, less privileged or downtrodden.

KIBI Entertainment with the help of others is ever ready to set the stage anytime and anywhere to hunt for anyone with a special ability/talent. KIBI Hunt is that event that channels all your efforts to the right track, making you celebrities in your own field rather than structuring you to be like someone else.

We help you to face and understand reality. Instead of singing London Bridge is fallen down, we prefer building a fallen bridge in Port Harcourt (the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria). So that there will be no need going to London to see a fallen bridge when there is one at your doorstep. This is facing reality. This is what KIBI Hunt does: making your talent our interest.

  • Reducing social vices by developing young talents. 
  • Exposing young talented individuals (including physically challenged) to stardom. 
  • Bringing the world of entertainment to the doorsteps of the less privileged. 
  • Making you to believe in reality.

Our vision is to make sure our made entertainers don't fall back to the grounds of rookies.

Our mission is reaching out to young talented individuals and thereby exposing them to angel investors.

We keep what we can’t break and break what we can’t keep.


The following benefits so far have been adopted:
  1. Souvenirs will be given to everyone including our sponsors. 
  2. Pictures of the event will also be presented to our sponsors, supporters, performers etc. in a CD form 
  3. The KIBI event will encourage students to think deep and discover their God-given talents thereafter. And apart from the degree which is the primary aim of being in the University, it will also give students the opportunity to utilize their God-given talents as well.
  4. KIBI Entertainment is managed by a group of student. So, it can encourage entrepreneurship amongst other students.
  5. Some students will be convinced to be creative by virtue of this event. Thereby provoking a huge participation in entrepreneurship. This can make our society a better one.
  6. In the beauty pageant, the King and Queen of the closest institution will be recognized as our judges. 
  7. This event is designed to ease stress and tension by introducing lasting fun and relaxation. 
  8. KIBI Hunt will show that we support history, and it will also be our own contribution to humanity. 
  9. It is also a way of showing that we have learned a lot in entrepreneurship (GST) by adopting such an entrepreneur idea. Thereby registering the Wow impression in the minds of outsiders that we’re outstanding products of our institutions rather than graduating with guns and weapons of destruction. 
  10. Presentation of awards will be given to our winners. This can make them feel relevant because it is an achievement they will never forget in a hurry. It will also be given to our supporters, sponsors and performers. 
  11. The event will be covered and a copy of the recorded version will be given to our sponsors and participants for free. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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