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16 Aug 2016


KIBI is an acronym for Keep It or Break It. This concept was literally fashioned when the Keep It or Break It (KIBI) programme at Radio UST 103.7FM now Excel 103.7FM in Port Harcourt since June 2015 made remarkable credits. It was one of the founding programmes in the station that was outstanding and has thus far recorded unforgettable achievements.

The successive records of the KIBI Programme have negotiated the existence of KIBI Entertainment which is being charged with the sole responsibility of scouting, developing and exposing young talented individuals to Angel Investors.

Click LINK to download KIBI profile in pdf.

  1. Reducing social vices by developing young talents
  2. Exposing young talented individuals (including physically challenged) to stardom
  3. Bringing the world of entertainment to the doorsteps of the less privileged 
  4. Making you to believe in reality.
Our mission is reaching out to young talented individuals around and exposing them to angel investors.

Our vision is to make sure our made entertainers don't fall back to the grounds of rookies.

What we can't keep, we break and what we can't break, we break. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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