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16 Aug 2016


Face of KIBI is an online facial contest that showcases models, fashionisters, makeup artists and others to the most desired status in the society. The contest will expose the finest girl that year into the most demanding status conferral. The winner becomes the Face of KIBI and also an Ambassador of KIBI Entertainment for the year.

Face of KIBI has been sub-headed into the following: 
  1. KIBI Makeup: Beauty is good business. This is where celebrities of KIBI entertainment or their associates are beautified. External jobs can also be contracted to our makeup artists. 
  2. KIBI Concept: This has to do with graphics. 
  3. KIBI Fashion & Designs: This is where our fashionisters showcase their simple but professional skills in fashion and designs, as simplicity is said to be the beauty of fashion. Looking good is also good business you know. / Author & Editor

Greenpray Editor.

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